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Neuschwanstein Castle Tour and Transfers from Munich
Best of BavariaGuided TourTransport IncludedFree Cancellation
  • Treat yourself to an enchanting day trip to the world famous Neushwanstein Castle with hassle-free transfers from Munich, to truly explore Bavaria's crown jewel.
  • Board a comfortable air-conditioned coach in the morning, with an English or Spanish speaking guide and enjoy captivating commentary about the castle and King Ludwig II's extraordinary vision.
  • After a two hour drive, you will arrive at the castle where you will enjoy an immersive guided tour of its alluring vicinity.
  • For an additional 14 EUR, you may tour the insides of this magical getaway and you can also request for audio guides at the meeting point if you please.
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Neuschwanstein, Linderhof Royal Castle & Oberammergau Tour From Munich
Best of BavariaGuided TourTransport IncludedFree Cancellation
  • Enjoy a comprehensive day tour from Munich, of Bavaria's finest castles that are bound to reel you into a fairytale of your own.
  • Board a comfortable sir-conditioned coach at 8:30 AM with an English/German speaking guide and enjoy captivating commentary about the alluring castles of King Ludwig II.
  • To kick off your day trip, you will dive head first into the world of opulence by visiting the beautiful Linderhof Castle and enjoy a guided tour of its breathtaking gardens.
  • After a short pitstop at the scenic Bavarian town of Oberammergau, you will then make your way to the world-renouned Neuschwanstein Castle for another enchanting tour of the castle's lush vicinity.
  • For an additional 25 EUR, you may tour the insides of both the Linderhod and Neuschwanstein castles.
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Neuschwanstein, Oberammergau & Linderhof Premium Tour From Munich
RecommendedCastle Entry IncludedGuided TourFree Cancellation
  • Spare no expense on this all inclusive, unforgettable day trip from Munich in a luxury, wifi enabled coach with an English/German guide, walking tours and access to the inner sanctums of both castles.
  • After boarding your luxury coach at 8:30 AM, you will then make your way to the Linderhof Castle and traverse its beautifully manicured gardens and opulent interiors.
  • You will then make a quick stop at the charming Bavarian town of Oberammergau for a photo op and enjoy exceptional views of the Bavarian Alps.
  • You will then conclude this day trip with the much awaited visit to the widely renowned Neuschwanstein Castle where you will spend 4 hours exploring its vicinity and its fabulous interiors with your guide to accompany you.
  • All castle entry fees are covered in your purchase and you will not have to pay any addiitonal amounts.
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Summer Neuschwanstein Castle Tour from Munich (with bike ride)
Best of BavariaGuided Bike TourTransport IncludedLunch IncludedFree Cancellation
  • There's no better way to spend your summer than biking, taking a dip and exploring te iconic Disney castle on this full day tour of the magnificent Neuschwanstein castle.
  • Benefit from roundtrip transfers to the Neuschwanstein castle from Munich in an air-conditioned luxury coach, accompanied by an English-speaking expert.
  • Enjoy a 1.5-hour bike tour of the Bavarian countryside and a rewarding hike to Marienbrücke, where you will get to witness stunning views of the castle.
  • Once at Marienbrücke, you will get to tour the vicinity of the castle and enjoy captivating commentary about the alluring castles of King Ludwig II.
  • Munch on some delectable local dishes at a restaurant frequented by the locals of Schwangu and even enjoy a relaxing dip in an Alpine lake if the weather permits!
  • Please bear in mind that this experience does not include a tour of the interiors of the Neuschwanstein castle, however, you may purchase these tickets onboard if you'd want a well-rounded tour of the castle.
  • This experience can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.
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Explore Neuschwanstein Castle

A Brief History of the Neuschwanstein Castle

The desire of King Ludwig II to feel powerful and regain the dignity of a sovereign king in the face of a mighty Prussian alliance led to the creation of the Neuschwanstein Castle. Ludwig wanted to build a castle that was more hospitable than his family home of Hohenschwangau and one in tune with the breathtaking nature surrounding it. The construction of the castle started in 1869 and was occupied in 1886, raking up debts that led to the dethroning of Ludwig.
Ludwig was inspired by his friend Richard Wagner who created operas about the legends of Tannhauser and Lohengrin, hence giving the Castle romantic medieval aura. Unfortunately, he couldn’t enjoy living in his castle for long as he was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Lake Starnberg in June 1886.

Why visit the Neuschwanstein Castle?

  • The Neuschwanstein Castle is Germany’s most visited Castle and Europe’s 2nd most visited Castle.
  • It is counted amongst the most beautiful castles in the world and was inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle and even the Disney logo.
  • This Castle is visited by more than 1.4 million people each year, and its lavish interiors including the Throne Hall and Hall of Singers whisper tales of the ancient Bavarian Kings.
  • Get a chance to enjoy the stylish architecture that was built from an artist’s sketch of a dreamy castle and inspired by the notes of Opera writer Richard Wagner.
  • You also get to admire the picturesque surroundings of the Bavarian countryside that inspired Ludwig and capture views of the castle from the Queen Mary’s Bridge.
  • Going on a tour and understanding the history of King Ludwig’s childhood, his tumultuous relationship with his parents, disenchantment with the constitutional government and yearning to create his own personal kingdom is a lesser known fragment of history that one can learn from the historian guides here.

Inside the Neuschwanstein Castle

King Ludwig II dreamed of a luxurious palace that was fit for mighty kings of the medieval ages. The rich gilded interiors are brimming with murals and paintings that narrate tales of the Holy Grail, Lohengrin, the Bible and the works of Richard Wagner. A recurring leitmotif is the Swan which was the heraldic animal of the Counts of Schwangau, the ancestors of King Ludwig II.

The largest of the rooms is the Hall of Singers, followed by Throne Hall which is the most spectacular. It has arcades and apses with paintings of Jesus and canonized Kings, showcasing the integral connection of religion and royalty. Ludwig’s Dressing Room is noteworthy and has a beautiful violet tapestry.

A tour inside the Neuschwanstein Castle takes you through all of this in about 35 minutes with a guide narrating interesting lores, tales and facts about all that you see inside.

Around the Neuschwanstein Castle

The southwest region of Bavaria is replete with spectacular scenery and pretty castles like Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Hohenschwangau Castle. You can cover almost all of the below in a day if you plan it out efficiently. Here’s all you can explore around the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Hohenschwangau Castle

Hohenschwangau is a 19th century castle and the family home of King Ludwig II where he grew up. The Neo-gothic architecture styled castle is adorned with more than 90 wall murals with Bavarian legends.

Linderhof Royal Castle

The Linderhof Castle is an intimate yet ornate palace built by King Ludwig II having been inspired by Versailles of Paris. The palace has beautiful landscaped gardens including the famous ‘Venus Grotto’.


The picturesque town of Oberammergau is a tourist hotspot known for its painted houses and idyllic streets. The town is popular for woodcarving and its production of Passion Plays that happen once in a decade!

Lake Alpsee

Lake Alpsee is a charming 5 sqkm lake in the Ostallgau district of Bavaria. Wild swans call this lake home and visitors indulge in canoeing on the lake and hiking on trails alongside the banks.

Museum of the Bavarian Kings

Located on the banks of the Lake Alpsee is the Grand Hotel Alpenrose which now houses the Museum of the Bavarian Kings. It narrates the history of the house of Wittelsbach who ruled Bavaria for centuries.

Tegelberg Cable Car

The Tegelberg Cable Car stretches across 2,150 metres and reaches up to Tegelberg, a haven for mountain sport activities. The cable car is great to soak in views of the Neuschwanstein Castle and the Ammer Mountains.

Best Views of the Neuschwanstein Castle

The Neuschwanstein Castle makes for a pretty picture with its ornamental turrets, towers, balconies, and pinnacles. While the interiors are equally opulent, you cannot take photographs and have to suffice with memory. The castle’s exterior is best viewed from afar, and the best place to do that is the Queen Mary’s Bridge or Marienbrücke. All the iconic photographs of the castle have been taken from this point. The bridge is often crowded, and you can walk further from the bridge to the hilltop for unhindered and unique views of the castle. The Tegelberg Cable Car is another excellent opportunity to take photographs of the castle.

Visitor Tips & Hacks

  • Photography is not allowed within the Neuschwanstein Castle, hence respect the rule and refrain from clicking pictures.
  • Photography drones or similar flying equipment is not allowed around the castle as it is on the edge of the Ammergebirge Nature Reserve.
  • The castle is beautiful during the winters but the Queen Mary Bridge is often closed due to bad weather so you may not be able to get to this view point.
  • The shuttle bus doesn’t run during winters due to the thick snow, leaving you only with the option of going on foot or carriage.
  • The entry timings into the castle are based on the slot of your ticket. Leave the jaywalking and window shopping in Hohenschwangau for after the visit to the castle as you won’t be allowed to enter at a later point.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking during the castle tour and even to get to the Castle. If you are up to it come down from the castle on foot as it lets you explore the gorgeous Bavarian woods.
  • The second floor of the castle has a multimedia presentation on King Ludwig and his castles. It is an interesting show and especially useful if you are traveling with kids.